What is the "price protection"?

As the price of commodities subject to market fluctuations, in order to protect the interests of users, all orders which made in OBDResource Online Shop were protected for 24 hours (we call it Price Protection Period), if the protection product's price higher than then same product's price in the next 24 hours after your clear payment, OBDResource will spread the initiative to compensate products which still in the price protection period, (price difference between the real price and protection price) the compensation will be return to user account in the form of loyalty points.(1 USD=10 loyalty points) [Check My Loyalty Points]

  • OBDResource Price Protection
  • OBDResource Price Protection
  • OBDResource Price Protection
  • OBDResource Price Protection

Price Protection Compensation Process

  1. Within 24 hrs of your valid order, if real price your paid for is higher than the price we selling, and price reduction over 5%
  2. Audit the price reduction orders
  3. System will make compensation as loyalty points

Price Protection Rules

  1. 1Services: 

    OBDResource Online Shop all products.
  2. 2Valid Time: 

    Within 24 hours after the clear payment.
  3. 3Valid Compare Limits: 

    Only fit for the valid order within 24 hours for the same product's price (in stock) lower than the purchased price and price reduction percentage over 5%
  4. 4Compensation: 

    Price difference between the real paid price and the lowest price in OBDResource Online Shop of the same product.
  5. 5How to check: 

    The compensation will be able to be checked in [user account]- [My loyalty points] menu.
  6. 6Non Price Protection Situations:

    - Invalid order, already refund or returned products.

    - Price error (which is much lower the real price) products are not included.

    - Group buy, weekly/ monthly special products, limited purchase prices are not included in the price protection.

    - Price Protection only fit for real user, dealers or peers are not protected by this service.

  7. 7Users are not allowed to violate any of the listing services when enjoying the price protection:

    - Fake Purchase

    - For-profit participation in the activities

    - Implementation breach of good faith behavior

  8. 8

    The user is aware of the Internet e-commerce, there are many uncertainties, so understand and agree that as a result of force majeure, and the presence of a large service area cheating, communication line failure or computer mass paralysis makes it difficult to carry out the reasons for non-OBDResource this service, we can decide to cancel, modify or suspend the Service.
  9. 9

    Any disputes arising from the service and its rules, user agrees with OBDResource amicable settlement. All matters relating to the services and the rules are applicable PRC laws. OBDResource keeps the rights within the limits prescribed by law for the interpretation of these rules reserved.
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