»  Tomb-Sweeping Day Holiday from April 4th to April 6th!
Dear Customers All, China Tomb-Sweeping Day is coming . Our Company will have the China Tomb-Sweeping Holiday from April 4th to April 6th,...» Read more

»  DAS Xentry 2014-12 is released
DAS Xentry 2014-12 Installation Steps Guide DAS Xentry 2014-12 Installation Steps Guide is made by OBDResource, only for share. Today we install...» Read more

»  PIWIS TESTER II V15.100 Porsche Released
Porsche PIWIS TESTER II V15.100 Released Porsche PIWIS TESTER II V15.100 released, if you need the full software well installed,please click...» Read more

»  New version 03/2015 for BMW ICOM is ready
Hello, dear Customer all, Super iCOM ISPI NEXT 2015-03 ISTA/D 3.47.30 ISTA/D is released today, we install the software based Win8.1...» Read more

»  Chinese New Year 2015 Holiday Notice!
Dear Customers All, Chinese NEW YEAR 2015 Spring Festival is coming, OBDResource all stuffs wish you Happy Chinese New Year 2015!! Our...» Read more

»  PIWIS TESTER II V14.75 Released
PIWIS2 V14.75 Installation Steps PIWIS2 V14.75 Installation Steps by OBDResource, we upgrade piwis ii v14.75 from piwis ii v14.35, the V14.75 is...» Read more

»  DAS Xentry 2014.12 is under testing
  Hello, dear Customers all, Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you for your supporting and help in past 2014. We now have DAS Xentry...» Read more

»  Christmas 2014 Sale the last chance in 2014 year!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2015 Thanks for your support in the whole year 2014, OBDResource the final promotion 2014 will be available...» Read more

»  Free update your ICOM HDD to 09/2014 win 8.1 system
Hello, dear Customers all: For all ICOM software you bought from OBDResource, we now can offer one time free update for you, update date to Win...» Read more

»  Notification of China National Day Holiday
Dear customers all,   Due to the China National Holiday, OBDResource all stuffs will not working from 1st OCT. ~ 5th OCT. During this...» Read more

»  Shipping Delay Notice from September 16th
Dear customers all, Due to China Custom check the packages more strict than before, which makes so many packages are retarded at Customs....» Read more

»  Holiday Notice from Sep 6th to 8th for Mid autumn Festival
Hello Dear Customers: From Sep 6th to Sep8th th is China  Mid autumn Festival holiday, OBDResource all stuffs will not work during this time....» Read more

»  Piwis II V14.000+ With PET 7.3 is ready
    Hello, dear Customers all We now offer latest version V14.000+ for Porsche Piwis ii tester, this New version contains latest Porsche PET...» Read more

»  BMW ICOM Win8.1 SSD 09/2014
BMW ICOM WIN8.1 SSD 09/2014 Platinum Version BMW ICOM Win8.1 SSD Solution 2014-09 Version, the new version software is based...» Read more

»  Porsche PiwisII V14.000 is on sale
Hello, dear Customers all: We now offer latest version V14 for Porsche Piwis ii, it add new car type and new functions inside. Here is the...» Read more