BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable E-SYS ICOM Coding

BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable E-SYS ICOM Coding

Comes with the latest ESYS for BMW F series, the new 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, GT, X3, brush hidden upscale programming line goes on sale !

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BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable E-SYS ICOM Coding

BMW ENET OBD Cable BMW ENET Interface Cable (OBD to Ethernet) for Coding with E-SYS/ Programming / Diagnostics For use with E-SYS, ISTA/D and ISTA/P, and INPA!!

It comes with the latest ESYS for BMW F series, the new 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, GT, X3, brush hidden upscale programming line goes on sale !

Buy our ENET lines are presented E-SYS software installation packages and ETOKEN and PIN.

This product uses the international top super-six production lines, shielding interference, signal transmission intensity, really pure copper wire, green insulation, not comparable to other lines .


1.You can download Esys software from Mega link directly, it is about 26.4GB, or you can get it with software HDD, which is 2.5 inch sata HDD, win7 system, Including ISTAD For diagnostic and ISTAP for programming.

2. Programming for F series cars from 1996.

3. You also can choose this cable to work with BMW ICOM Software HDD / SSD, then it can work with ISTA/D for all bmw cars diagnostic, and use ISTAP for Series Programming .

4. Also can work with Dr Gini software in ICOM Software HDD for Diagnostic.

BMW Enet Cable Software
BMW Enet Cable Software
BMW Esys Cable Best Quality
BMW Esys Cable Best Quality
Enet Cable Lan Cable
Enet Cable Lan Cable
Best Quality
Best Quality

Product Functions:

One can hide modules or program single module

1. Lock unlock sound confirmation ( to prevent radio interference, add sound to confirm car locked when turn light confirmation inconvenient. This is setup in cic)

2. Can operate the navigation menu including watching dvd when driving( for driving safety. Let the side driver operate the navigation menu )

3. Display engine output and torque meter ( purely fun, look engine output )

4. Cancel confirmation screen big screen boot delay

5. Open the voice recognition function

6. Three kind of bluetooth phone ringtones ( personality only )

7. Increasing the cic memory address to 50

8. The glass automatically rise to the top process is not terminated by the car door ( easy to get off to close the window waiting )

9. The digital speed display ( fun only )

10. Air-conditioned memory of the last off state ( without air conditioning season is more convenient )

11. Indoor cycling memories of the last time the state when engine off

12. A-pillar electric tailgate buttons and remote control a key to close the power tailgate. At any time terminate the reverse operation ( turn off 15 minutes or more reset )

13. Increasing shift paddles

14. The small screen to the large-screen display modify

15. Pdc display vertical and horizontal

16. Disable the seat belt status display - passenger seat

17. Disable the seat belt status display - driver seat

18. Disable seat belt reminder mistake ! The link is invalid. Device - passenger seat

19. Disable seat belt reminder - driving position

20. Disabled unfasten their seat belts voice prompts - passenger seat

21. Disabled unfasten their seat belts voice prompts - driving position

22. Intersection vehicle high beam automatic control ( no condition tested. Do not know if it is valid )

23. Angel eyes open and cancel functions

24. turn off the engine start-stop function turned on by default

25. gps time synchronization

26. Foot open the back cover

27. Ds show s1-s7 selection

28. Active sports gearbox program sport +

29. Single microphone settings

30. Engine off automatically unlock

31. Internet applications

32. Armrest usb playback video

33. The maximum distance disable front camera view

34. The maximum distance to disable the rear camera view

35. Maximum speed disable front camera view

36. The maximum speed to disable the rear camera view

Enet Esys Cable
Enet Esys Cable

COMPATIBILITY: (All BMW F-series cars including ///M cars and Alpina cars of the same chassis)

  • BMW 1-series: F20, F21, F44
  • BMW 2-series: F22, F23, F45, F46, F87
  • BMW 3-series: F30, F31, F34, F35, F80, G20, G24, G28
  • BMW 4-series: F32, F33, F36, F82, F83, G22, G23, G26
  • BMW 5-series: F07, F10, F11, F18, G30, G31, G32, F90
  • BMW 6-series: F06, F12, F13
  • BMW 7-series: F01, F02, F03, F04, G11, G12
  • BMW 8-series: G14, G15, F91, F92
  • BMW i-series: i3 (I01), i8 (I12)
  • BMW X-series: F15, F16, F25, F26, F39, F48, F85, F86, G01, G02, G05, G06, G07, F95, F96, F97, F98
  • BMW Z-series: G29
  • BMW ///M-series: F87, F80, F82, F83, F10, F06, F12, F13, F85, F86, F90, F95, F96, F97, F98, F90, F91, F92
  • ALPINA Models: D3, B3, D4, B4, XD3, D5, B5, B6, B7 of the same chassis above
  • Mini Clubman: F54
  • Mini 5-Door Hartchback/Hardtop: F55
  • Mini 3-Door Hatchback/Hardtop: F56
  • Mini 2-Door Convertible/Soft-top: F57
  • Mini Countryman: F60
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom/Drophead/Drophead Coupe: RR01, RR02, RR03
  • Rolls-Royce Ghost: RR04
  • Rolls-Royce Wraith: RR05
  • Rolls-Royce Dawn: RR06
Model Codes Series Model Description Model Years  
F20 1 1 Series Five Door Hatchback 2013- Present  
F21 1 1 Series Three Door Hatchback (2nd Gen) 2013- Present  
F22 2 2 Series Coupe, 228i, 230i, M235i, M240i 2014- Present  
F23 2 2 Series Convertible, 228i, 230i, M235i, M240i 2014- Present  
F45 2 2 Series, Active Tourer 2015- Present  
F46 2 2 Series, Active Tourer - 7 Passenger 2015- Present  
F87 2 M2 Coupe 2016- Present  
F30 3 3 Series Sedan 320i, 328i, 330i, 335i, 340i 2013- 2018  
F31 3 3 Series Touring Wagon 2013- 2018  
F34 3 3 Series Gran Turismo (GT) 318d, 320d, 325d, 328d, 320i, 328i, 330i, 335i, 340i 2014- 2018  
F35 3 3 Series Sedan - Long Wheel Base (China) 320i, 328i, 330i, 335i, 340i 2013- 2018  
F80 3 M3 Sedan 2014- 2018  
G20 3 3 Series Sedan (7th Gen) 2019-  
G24 3 3 Series Gran Turismo (2nd Gen) 2020-
F32 4 4 Series Coupe 420d, 428i, 430i, 435i, and 440i 2014- 2019  
F33 4 4 Series Convertible 420d, 428i, 430i, 435i, and 440i 2014- 2019  
F36 4 4 Series Gran Coupe 428i, 430i, 435i, 440i 2014- 2019  
F82 4 M4 Coupe 2014- 2019  
F83 4 M4 Convertible 2014- 2019
G22 4 4 Series Convertible (2nd Gen) 2020-  
G23 4 4 Series Coupe (2nd Gen) 2020-  
G26 4 4 Series Gran Coupe (2nd Gen) 2020-  
F07 5 5 Series GT, 535i Gran Turismo, 535i xDrive Gran Turismo, 550i Gran Turismo, 550i xDrive Gran Turismo 2011- 2017  
F10 5 5 Series Sedan, 528i Sedan, 535i Sedan, 535i xDrive Sedan, 550i Sedan, 550i xDrive Sedan, M5 2011- 2016  
F11 5 5 Series Touring Wagon 2011- 2016  
G30 5 5 Series Sedan (7th Generation), 520i Sedan, 530i Sedan, 540i Sedan, 530e Sedan, 520i xDrive Sedan, 530i xDrive Sedan, 540i xDrive Sedan 2017- Present  
F90 5 M5 Sedan (6th Gen) 2018-  
F06 6 6 Series Gran Coupe 2013- 2019  
F12 6 6 Series Convertible 2012- 2018  
F13 6 6 Series Coupe 2011- 2018  
F01 7 Short Wheelbase, 740i Sedan, 750i Sedan, 750i xDrive Sedan, ActiveHybrid 750i Sedan, ALPINA B7, ALPINA B7 xDrive 2009-2015  
F02 7 Long Wheelbase, 740Li Sedan, 750Li Sedan, 750Li xDrive Sedan, ActiveHybrid 750Li Sedan, 760Li Sedan, ALPINA B7 LWB, ALPINA B7 xDrive LWB 2009-2015  
F03 7 F01/F02 Protection versions 2010-2015  
F04 7 ActiveHybrid 750i Sedan and ActiveHybrid 750Li Sedan 2010-2015  
G11 7 Short Wheelbase Sedan, 740i (7th Generation) 2016- Present  
G12 7 Long Wheelbase Sedan, 750i, M760i (7th Generation) 2016- Present  
G14 8 8 Series Convertible 2019-  
G15 8 8 Series Coupe 2019-
F91 8 M8 Convertible 2020-  
F92 8 M8 Coupe 2020-  
I01 i3 i3, i3 Range Extender 2013- Present  
I12 i8 i8 Roadster 2014- Present  
F39 X2 X2 Sports Activity Coupe 2018-

1pc x BMW Enet cable

  • Tech Support Yes
  • Tool Box No
  • Upgrade No
  • Weight 0.3 KG

Product Warranty:

(1 year, one Year for from the date equipment arrival Free repair and maintenance service within one year Free technical support by internet online or via phone. )

  • 1.

    Damaged tool Service: If the product you received has been damaged during the shipping, please report to local DHL office/Post office immediately and ask for damage proof, then contact our website customer service for exchange service.

  • 2.

    Product Qualtiy problem for refund or exchange: If the product has any problems, please contact our customer service online within 7 days and return the item to us within 30 days upon the arrival.If you not contact us within 7 days and not return to us within 30days, it is considered as used and WE WILL NOT ISSUE YOU A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT.

  • 3.

    Return Service: All returned items MUST BE in the original packaging and you need to provide us with the shipping tracking number, specific reason for the return, and also your order number. If the item needs repair, refund or exchange, please use simple airmail to ship back to us.

  • 4.

    One-year warranty. If the item need repair, within one year, customers no need pay repair fee but need to pay both back and forth shipping cost. Over one year warranty, customer need to pay repair fee for repair.

Main Unit for Equipment 1 year warrnaty
Machine peripheral equipments and cables No warranty
Car diagnostic laptop 3 months
Data Hard Disk No warranty
Car software No warranty
Consumables No warranty

Restrictions!!! There will be no free warranty service:

if you damage device while doing device firmware updates incorectly;

if you damage device while using it wrong (example if you connect diagnostic device to car while it is connected to external battery charger and etc.);

if you damage warranty seals on the device housing; if you damage device with while using non proper power source (external power supply);

if you damage device physically (drop, hit or etc.);

if you damage device with watter spill or other liquid;

if you damage device while using it with non proper cables and adapters or other accessories;

if you damage device while using wrong cable not suitable for specific car;

if you damage device while using it in conditions not compatible with conditions described in device user manual instructions.

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